We are EASM - Elite Africans Soccer Management player
scout and recruiting specialist.


Our management and agency offers a complete set of services for the players such like medicals, legal and future plan of their stages in their careers and retirement plans - either due to injury or age.

transfers and contracts

We have the market knowledge and negotiation skills to find and close the best deals.

  • Transfers
  • Negotiation
  • Contracts

marketing and sponsoring

Today’s football world has become a complicated global entertainment industry. Football players ought to only focus on playing. We will handle the rest.

  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship

social media management

Our social media professionals know everything about establishing great social media presence. We can help develop a personalized social media strategy based on your specific goals and needs.

  • Social media strategy

EASM - Elite Africans Soccer Management

Our philosophy is to deliver quality services to both clubs and the players putting their interest first.

law and finance

We effectively focus on providing dynamic support structure in terms of legal and financial services. Don’t let things that happen off the pitch impact your performance where it matters the most.

  • Legal
  • Finance

medicals nutrition and mental coaching

Talent and Sport agency also provide players with hands-on services regarding medical, nutrition and sports psychology matters.

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We are on the look for talents. Send your videos to us via [email protected]

  • Scouting